Directions to the Old Pinery

Purpose Of The Old Pinery

The Main purpose of the Old Pinery is to allow us as children of a Loving Heavenly Father to feel the spirit in the outdoors.  Every activity should be planned around this purpose.   With this being the purpose of the camp, therefore we cannot allow activities that distract from this, activities such as:  Army games of any kind, high speed 4 wheeler riding, fireworks of any kind, etc.  If these activities are found, it may require an expulsion from the camp.  Thank you for helping us meet these purposes.

Directions to the Old Pinery.

Get off Nephi Exit 222 and head along the old highway heading to Levan.  You will pass all of the amentities and will also pass the Juab County Jail.  Off to the left there is a gravel pit, which you will turn left immediately following the gravel pit.  It will be your first left you come to after the pit.

Turn left and proceed South for about a ½ of mile.  You will then take the first left you come to, known as the Old Pinery Road.

Turn Left and continue on road until you come to the front gate of the Old Pinery.


Welcome to the Old Pinery Campground

It Is All About Families..

What a lovely place to hold a stake outing, ward camp out or youth conference.  The Old Pinery consists of several camping spots, 3 Public Restrooms, 5 Bowery s and 1 Cabin/lodge.

It has a wonderful  place for meetings, known as the amphitheater.

It has a great field for random games and fun.

Check out the schedule for available dates.

Food For Thought…..

  • Welcome To The Old Pinery CampGround
  • Welcome To The Old Pinery CampGround
  • Welcome To The Old Pinery CampGround
  • Welcome To The Old Pinery CampGround

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